What is the feature of the New UCM-18 UV coating machine ?


Question: What is the feature of the New UCM-18 UV coating machine ?


This machine is much better than the old type. Though the price is higher but quality is very stable.

1. This machine uses metal rollers which is more strong.

2. This machine has fixed UV light tube and the UV tube will not move when the machine is working.

3. This machine has quicker coating speed. The coating speed for the old type is 1~3M/min. But the coating speed for this machine can reach 7-8M/min.

4. This machine has only one UV light tube with 1000W power, you can buy one spare tube. If you need nore, you can buy more from us when you need to change the tube.

5.This machine is more automatic. Any paper thickness(0.2-5mm) can be feed in , you do not need to adjust the thickness.

6. It has the roller auto clean function.

7. It can coat the laser printing paper which the old type can not.

Why uv liquid not dry on the mini UV coater ?


Question: Why uv liquid not dry on the mini UV coater ?

Answer :

There are 3 possible reasons for the UV varnish not dry.

1. The UV tube's life time is 800hours. If you use up to 800 hours, you need to change the UV tube.

2. The UV varnish maybe too thin, it has been added too much alcohol.

3. Watch if the UV tube moves smoothly when the machine works, if the UV tube does not move smoothly, you need to add some grease oil to the metal bar of the UV tube. If the UV tube does not move smoothly, the metal bar may need some grease.

What is UV coating machine ?


The UV coating laminator is a newly developed liquid laminating machine. Rather than plastic films, it uses the UV liquid as supplies to coat on the surfaces of laminating materials. UV liquid is much more saving than films. Clarity is improved by 10-15% comparing to cold-film.

The UV liquid is no harmful to humans、no harmful to skin . The taste is very light,  and the liquid is recycling.

The UV coating machine is large size mostly in the market, our company developed one mini desktop UV coater which fill the gap in the market.

Video for mini desktop UV coater !

How to do the maintenace for mini UV coater ?


Maintenance for DW-330C desktop UV coating machine :

1. After coating the materials, do not need to clean the liquid. The liquid will go to a stocking tank automatically. You can use the liquid next time. Stock the machine in cool place and avoid sun light.  The liquid will become into solid if it met the sun light.

2. If you do not use it for a long time. Use towel absorbed with alcohol to clean the laminating roller.

3. Stock the UV coating liquid in dark and cool place.

4. If the UV tube light is off by mistake, do not open the tube light immediately, open it when the tube is cool a few minutes later. Or the tube might be broken.