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What to do if the E300 electric creaser 19'' does not start?


Q: I bought the E300 Electric creaser 19'' machine from you but the machine does not work when I open the switch. Only the light is on .

A: Some of the machine part may be loosen during shipping. You can try to repair the machine by following steps:

Step 1: Unlock the two screws and open the worktable cover of the machine.

Step 2: Check if the steel bar is out of its original position.

Step 3: If yes, please loose the upper screws to adjust the steel bar to correct position. Then, lock the screws.

Step 4: Check if the sping is out of its original position.

Step 5: If yes, push a sheet under the spring and the spring will goto the correct position.

Step 6: After the steel bar is in its correct position, if it can not rotate smoothly, loose the two screws a little to release some pressure.

7. If all of the above is adjusted and the machine can not work still . Check if the motor and the wire are connecting well.

How to install the Module of creasing four lines


CCP650E Multi-Purpose Creasing Machine

the Module of creasing four lines for do a spine like this picture.

you should install the each set like this:


every set can make 2 lines on the paper.