Carl Moy - S320D perfect binding machine


The binder performed very well.  We set it up on Monday, and on Wednesday produced a run of soft-cover pamphlets that were sufficient to meet the requirements for filing legal briefs in the United States Supreme Court.  Overall, we are very pleased with the performance of the manual creaser, as well as the manual perfect binder.  As you suspected, though, we needed to switch to a digital cutting machine for final trimming of the pamphlets; the manual cutter was not quite up to the task.

When finished with the digital cutter, the bound pamphlets ended up being equal in quality to those typical supplied by the commercial binding services we have previously used.  Your equipment turned out to be very well suited to our needs.

We would be pleased to offer advice to any prospective customers of yours who, like us, might be considering use of the machines to bind legal materials for submissions in court proceedings.  In our opinion the machines are well able to perform that function.

xxxx College of Law
Saint Paul, MN
United States