How to use Embossing Machine


1. Put the card in the card frame and fix it.
2. Move the frame and choose the position what you need.
3. Writhe the daisy characters plate, use the pointer to choose the characters you need.
4. After doing step 1~3, jolt the hand-haft.
5. If the embossment depth is out fit what you need, you can adjust the bolt in adjusting hole at the bottom of machine. You can Use 4th inner hexagon spanner to untie the bolt, and then use 8th outer hexagon spanner to untie outer bolt, after adjusting, please screw the bolt.


1. Please use the PVC card (85mm×55mm) CR-80 standard .
2. When tuning the characters plate, please don't drop down the hand-haft.
3. When switch the embossment size, please ward off the card frame slightly to avoid damage.
4. Never put hand or other hard objects into the machine.
5. Please move the card frame to the left end when not using the machine.