Please check these vinyl ,

they are still perfectly usable vinyl 


1:Offcuts from big roll:


2: Found Minor damage after quality check.



3: Return from Amazon Warehouse because of damaged vinyl during shipping.




If you 'd like to receive 

these kinds of FREE vinyl

1: Send us your "AMAZON order ID" from "Amazon Messages System ".

2: You also can Click and add "dingword" on FB Messenger


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give us one of your Amazon order number,  but make sure that the order is from

"Dingword", not from other sellers.

We will save you in our reward system.

For the Amazon account in your order number, at the end of each month, every 100 points ($1 = 1 point) you earned by purchasing Siser vinyl from Dingword Amazon store, we will send you 3 sheets of Siser vinyl! (vinyl’s color, condition, shape, and size are random)

Any remaining points at the end of each month will flow and combine with next month’s points.

Thanks again for buying from "Dingword AMAZON Store" !

We hope you can continue to buy "Siser vinyl" from "Dingword AMAZON Store" in the future.

Please remember to wash your hands often and stay safe!