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Does it only do round parts. or what is the maximum size?



Dear dingword,

I am interested in the laser but have a few questions.
Does it only do round parts. or what is the maximum size?
Please contact me.
Curt Cantrell


Dear curt1963,

it only do round parts and It also can engrave flat items

Engraving item max size
10.23(L)x4(W)x6.29(H) inch

40W laser engraving machine

This 40W laser engraving machine is a small laser engraving equipment.


It is suitable for Cutting, Sign Making, Awards, Badges and Tags, Gift Engraving,
Gasket Cutting, Stencil Making, Model Making, Nameplates, Glass Etching,
Notary Seals, Personalized Desk Accessories, Plaques, Puzzles, Rubber Stamps,
Serialization, Souvenirs, etc.


It can engrave on Acrylic, Anodized Aluminium, Bamboo, Ceramic Substrates,
Cloth, Coated Metal, Composites, Cork, Corian, Crystal, Delrin, Fabric/Denim,
Fiberglass, Foam, Glass, Kevlar, Laminated Plastic, Leather, Marble, Plastic,
Paper, Rubber, Wood, Stone, etc.

Cannot engrave stainless steel and metals.

Stamp Engraving

With the  laser engravers you can quickly and easily produce clean, sharp rubber stamps at a lower cost than using traditional methods.
Self-inking and pre-inking microporous rubbers are readily available for laser engraving. Set up your art work in CorelDRAW using scanned images, clipart, and text, then print it to the engraver. It’s that easy!

No more need for expensive chemicals or time consuming photo processing
of your artwork

The laser burns directly into the rubber, producing high quality stamps in just minutes!

Simply set the  speed and power settings to precisely control character height. Select the vector speed and power to cut the stamp out after engraving. Then use the features to precisely control the taper and width of the character shoulders. Manufacturing stamps has never been easier!Power supply can change between 110V and 220V according to your requirement. Software and all required accessories to run the machine are included.

Supported file formats: common image formats: emf, wmf, jpg, gif, bmp.

Built in Fan Ventilation includes hose
Water cooled laser tube includes water pump.

Our exhaust systems take care of the efficient removal of dust and fumes produced during laser operation and ensure the safe and reliable use of your laser for years to come.A powerful exhaust system is absolutely imperative for the safe operation , our laser system for the protection of your employees and the environment.

Connect the water pipe with the water pump Prepare the fan for smoke

Smoke pipe for fan Switch on fan while run the machine

Our  laser engraving machine  uses:

1:  Third-generation power, more Stable

2: Fourth-generation main board.

The engraving speed :1- 400 mm, have an outline cutting capability.

( But old main board the speed only 1-280 mm, no an outline cutting capability)

Technical Parameter:



Laser power


Laser tube type
CO2 Sealed glass (1500-2000 hours)
Driver type Stepper Motor

Engraving area

250 x 200mm

Exterior size

780 x 620 x 260mm

Clamp breadth

200 x 128 mm

Engraving thickness 3 mm ( can control the depth)

Carving speed

<= 400 mm/s ( NEW MAIN BOARD)

Differentiate precision


Orient precision


Minimum shaping characters

English 1 mm

Power supply

220V/50Hz  110V/60Hz

Power of the complete machine


Structure of the box

horizontal structure

Craving table-board

platform with clamp

Software:  MoshiDraw

Create 2D images with Corel Draw, Photoshop and Photograv then import into the software.

OR in Corel Draw 9, you just use printing order,the machine will work.


  • Your Order will ship within 2 business day of payment received.
  • After buying,please send us your detailed address and phone number for shipping.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (shipping is not refundable and there will be a 10% restocking fee on all refunds).

Service center located in Toronto, Canada. Save you service shipping cost and protection of your purchase. Our technicians were trained by the factory in China to repair this kind of laser engraving machine. Technical support is available to our customers in Canada and USA.

1:Our customers can order parts from our Online Parts Order System ,we  stock the majority of parts in Toronto .

2:Our customers can be trained in our store how to change laser tube, and then how to adjust the focal point.

3:Our customers send back the machine to our store in Toronto (only $150 shipping fees), let our technicians to repair  it for you.

In response to customer requests, we have developed Online Teck & Tips Forum in our website.

Our customers can get help from our technicians in the forum.our technicians can answer questions and show the details in solving the problems, and how to maintain the engraving machines very well, give the tips of engraving different materials.

Our customers also can learn from each other in the forum.They not only exchange ideas and thoughts, but also actively assist each other in their work. We're all supposed to learn from the success and failures of others.

It is just beginning to buy the machine, it is more important how to let the machine work well and how to make money from the machine.!!!!

  • By  paying for this item, you acknowledge that laser engravers of any kind are dangerous and should only be operated by an adult with knowledge of operating laser engravers. You also agree that in no way will the seller of this item be responsible of any injuries incurred by this laser engraver.



From Hongkong to USA ,Canada $280
by DHL, about 7-10 days ship to your door.

Our Service Department is available Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (EST).There are two easy ways to contact our technical support team:

1) Call (416) 729-1989

2) E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When calling, please have a phone near the machine.